As an executive on Wall Street, I have access to our corporate car service provider. However, I prefer to use Regal. The drivers know me and my preferences. Each ride becomes a familiar journey with someone I trust. Glad I am a relationship and not just an employee number to Regal.



Regal Limousine is my first choice in car service. Here’s why:

  • Reliability: Regal is always there at the appointed time. You never have to worry whether they are going to show up.
  • Safety: Regal has a core of responsible drivers so you know who is coming. They are personable, responsible and great to travel with. I also feel very secure having my wife use them when she is alone. They take great care of her!
  • Flexibility: Regal handles last minute changes with ease. Whether you’re meeting runs late, the plane is not on time, or weather has goofed up the entire Eastern Seaboard, you can count on Regal to come through.
  • Local Knowledge: They know the area. They know the best routes. I remember once when my company used a different car service. The car showed up at my home in NJ (late) and then asked me “how do I get to Newark Airport?” That would never happen with Regal.
  • Transparent Pricing: You know ahead of time what the cost will be. No worries about being charged special peak pricing or other fees that some car services impose.



Recently used Regal for a trip to Vegas. Our driver arrived on time for pickup, was very personable and gave great service. Pickup at the airport was equally great. I will surely use Regal Limos again!

Richard K.

When I was looking for new transportation to service us for large groups I had contacted 3 different companies . When I spoke to the owner of Regal Limo I felt comfortable immediately ,there was no sales pitch, no crazy price deals he was straight forward and a gentleman. Your driver was there early and was very personable and we enjoyed conversation with him throughout a 12 hour day. We would definitely use and recommend Regal Limousine & Car Service in the Future.

Russell S.


I have been using Regal Limo and Car Service for several years. They have it all. They are always on time picking me up at my door. I have always arrived on time for all my flights departing from Newark, Jfk. Arrival they have never disappointed. Puts a smile on my face after along day of travel. Knowing that Regal will be there for me on time no delays!!!!

Joyce B.

I have been a customer of Regal Limo for over 5 years, and they have never once been other than professional, timely and courteous. I use them for professional travel, and also trust them with transporting my wife and children to shows and concerts. I highly recommend Regal Limo for any travel service.

Richard D.
Director, R&D, Americas
WD-40 Company Technical Center


I have been a customer of Regal Limousines & Car Service since 2002, first class company, always on time, cars always clean, drivers very professional, in simple terms a first rate company. As some-one who travels all the time Regal is a company I can really on “every-time” to get me there on-time. I also trust the company to drive my family.
Try Regal, you will be a Happy & Satisfied Customer as well.

Clifford H.


I really appreciate Regal Limousine & Car Service. They always provide me great service and transportation starting with the reservation arrangements all the way to the dropping off of the luggage and follow-up billing. Punctuality goes without saying and the chauffeurs are courteous, polite, and are very professional with great senses of humor to boot! It’s always a pleasure riding with them and consistently the easiest leg of any journey. I recommend them highly. And unlike Uber, Regal is insured and the driver quality is vetted and they know their directions!



I really enjoy REGAL Car Service,they are very prompt and take me as to where I will be going without any problems.  I love the service very much.In the near future I will use your service again…around the month of JULY of this year.  Very satisfied.



Hello your service allowed me to work (required on a holiday) and capture a few hours of love and celebration with my family from other states and parts of New Jersey, thank you!!!